Polyurethane And Aluminum

Suspension Parts

Unlike delrin and uhmw, polyurethane has elasticity and can absorb an enormous amount of trauma without permanently deforming.

Full Bushing Kit - BMW E36

Revshift bushings are made from extremely high grade polyurethane. The high quality, proprietary polyurethane compounds that we use are among the best for automotive use and exceed the material quality of possibly all other automotive polyurethane manufacturers.

MOTOR MOUNTS - BMW E9x / E8X / N54 / N55

These mounts are designed for all BMW E82, E81, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, and E93 cars with an N54 or N55 engine (excludes the M3). They are rebuildable and the polyurethane bushing inserts can be easily swapped out for a different hardness.


Revshift polyurethane differential bushings completely replace the oem rubber bushings on the BMW F80 / F82 / F83 / F87 - M4 / M3 / M2. This kit includes a second rear bushing and dual mount bracket that adds a mounting point to the subframe. 

Motor and Trans


High quality polyurethane with CNC machined billet aluminum merge to create the best mounts that you could ask for.

Power to the Wheels

Race Flex Discs

Revshift race flex discs transfer power to the wheels more efficiently than the oem part.