Trans Mount Bushings for Revshift PTM-GTO


These trans mount bushings are for the Revshift GTO trans mount only. This is the two bushings and hardware only. This does not include the aluminum trans mount bracket.

Revshift polyurethane transmission mounts are made in the U.S.A. from high grade polyurethane and 6061 billet aluminum with type III hard anodizing.

Revshift mounts are the most durable and reliable mounts on the market.
High tensile strength flanged studs are embedded deep in the urethane
which prevent the isolated ends from separating under extreme loads.
Utilizing class 12.9 alloy steel fasteners these mounts will hold your
engine in place for a lifetime. The class 12.9 fasteners are
approximately 75 percent stronger than the fasteners used on stock
automotive mounts.

Lifetime warranty

Please specify the hardness.