Polyurethane Motor Mounts - BMW E30 M42 / E34 M50


These mounts are designed for an E30 with a M42 engine and an E34 with a M50 or M20 engine.

Revshift polyurethane motor mounts are made in the U.S.A. from high grade polyurethane.

Revshift mounts are the most durable and reliable mounts on the market. CNC machined billet aluminum flanged ends are embedded deep in the urethane which prevent the isolated ends from separating under extreme loads. Utilizing class 14.9 alloy steel removable screws these mounts will hold your engine in place for a lifetime. To further ensure the strength of these mounts we form the threads with a forming tap which creates denser and stronger threads in the billet aluminum end pieces.

These mounts have removable screws for ease of installation. We recommend using loctite on the threads during installation.

Sold as a pair
Lifetime warranty

80A Street (Black): Slightly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. No increase in NVH. Great choice as an upgraded stock replacement (OEM+).
95A Track (Green): Significantly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Noticeable increase in NVH. Excellent for enthusiastically driven street and track cars.
75D Drift (Teal): Drastically stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Moderate increase in NVH. Most commonly used on dedicated drift and track cars.
(NVH = noise, vibration, harmonics)
Learn more about choosing polyurethane here: https://revshift.com/pages/polyurethane

Please specify the hardness

Customer Reviews

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Rokus Buijs
Very good motormounts! 10/10 would recommend!

Really nice and strong motormounts. Everything stays in place, yet the NVH are still at an acceptable comfortlevel.
This is the perfect upgrade for a daily driver/trackday car.
With these mounts, you don't have to worry anymore that your cooling fan hits the radiator under braking (I've had that happen on the track...) or any other weird scenarios like that. I advise to take combine these with the same green transmission mounts for a perfect result.