Rear Subframe Bushings - BMW E46

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Revshift polyurethane rear subframe bushings completely replace the oem rubber bushings on the E46 (323, 325, 328, 330, M3, Z4). These bushings stiffen the subframe mounting points improving the vehicles handling capabilities.

  • Improves handing
  • Will not wear out like oem bushings
  • Properly dampens the rear subframe
  • Revshift bushing lube included
  • Lifetime warranty

Formula Drift Spec Subframe to chassis clearance is specified for the E46 in the Formula D rule book. We designed these bushings to comply with the FD specs. They will pass tech in all FD sanctioned drift series.

Sold as a set

80A Street (Black): Slightly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. No increase in NVH. Great choice as an upgraded stock replacement (OEM+).
95A Track (Green): Significantly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Noticeable increase in NVH. Excellent for enthusiastically driven street and track cars.
75D Drift (Teal): Drastically stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Moderate increase in NVH. Most commonly used on dedicated drift and track cars.
(NVH = noise, vibration, harmonics)

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Customer Reviews

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5x120 mike
E46 drift bushing teal subframe and diff

The bushing feel good really stiffened up the rear of my car I have a wagon is it really helped. They were really easy to install

Good Fit, Good feel

I ordered the teal bushings for my drift e46 and they fit perfect and feel great!

Excellent upgrade during a rear end overhaul

I installed these bushings along with many other parts to refresh the rear suspension on my 330Ci. Pressing (cutting) out the original bushings is not a fun process, however installing these poly bushings is a breeze. Coat them in the supplied grease and you can press them in by hand with a little effort.
They fit nice and snug and don't make any noise. I haven't noticed any increased vibrations, and the handling is great. It's been several months and I don't see or feel any signs or wear. I went with the black street compound, since I didn't want anything too harsh.

Ryan Martin
Quality, easy install

These poly rear subframe bushings are easy to install. They are scalloped to fit the weld bead so they mount flush in the subframe. Aluminum core holds it all together. Slight increase in NVH over stock rubber. Very happy so far.

Cooper Humphreys

Certainly stiff, but still very compliant and absolutely perfect with some softer performance springs and a corner balence