Would you like to become sponsored?
Do you want discounts and free parts?
Do you want to earn money and get recognition?
Well then sign up for the Revshift sponsorship program!

We decided to do things a little different than most companies in our industry. Instead of aimlessly sending out free parts to anyone who makes big promises, we are giving you the chance to earn free parts, a spot on our team, and a way to get paid for your efforts. The point of a sponsorship is for you to get support through parts and funding while promoting the company and driving sales. We are now giving you the chance to prove yourself and earn it.


How It Works

- Sign up and get approved
- Use your link on your social media or in person to drive sales by offering a 10% discount on all Revshift products
- Earn 10% of each sale that you drive as store credit
- After your second sale we will send you a sponsorship care package (windshield banner, stickers, t-shirt, personal discount code)
- After ten sales your personal discount increases and you qualify for cash payouts.


What We Want From You

- High quality photos and videos of your car so we can promote you (featuring our brand is even better)
- Professionalism and respect for others
- Let people know that Revshift parts are the highest quality and the best parts on the market
- Drive sales and earn your spot!